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3 Issues That Complicate Child Custody Cases

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All family law cases have their unique intricacies. However, child custody cases get complicated because they involve minors' lives and delicate emotions. The law permits parents to discuss child custody issues and develop a favorable agreement in the children's best interest. However, that is not easy, especially if parents are still involved emotionally or contentious. The following are some issues that complicate child custody cases.

One Parent Is Relocating to a Different Area

Relocation to a different area complicates child custody cases because parents can't spend equal time with their kids. One parent might feel dissatisfied because they will have limited opportunities to be physically involved in their kid's lives, sparking disagreements. Resolving such a case requires professional intervention to enable the kids to contact both parents regardless of where they live. In such a situation, the aggrieved party needs legal representation to help them get justice. A lawyer will help them get a favorable judgment in a case where the other party acts in bad faith to exclude their partner from the child's life.

One Parent Is Abusive

Some parents take time to accept that their partner wants to divorce them. They complicate and ruin any chance of an amicable dissolution to the marriage. Unfortunately, that might work against them in court. The unhappy parent might decide to discontinue the negotiations, prolonging the case. Besides, when either parent presents evidence proving that their partner is abusive or has shown conduct that is not in the children's best interest, the court will take measures to protect the minors. Fortunately, the court mostly rules against the abusive parent.

A Child Has a Disability

When parents separate, the court issues a judgment on the amount of money each parent will contribute towards the child's upkeep. Calculating the amount of money a child requires monthly is easy if they don't have health complications. However, estimating the correct figure is challenging if children have physical or mental disabilities. Depending on the judge's evaluation, the parent taking care of the child might get higher child support. The court will consider the child's unique needs and the parent's living conditions before delivering a judgment in the kid's best interest.

Apart from the three issues above, other problems might complicate child custody cases. That is why it is advisable to work with a professional family lawyer to help you understand the basics of your case and help you get the best possible outcome in court.