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Parting Ways? 4 Steps That Will Help You Through Your Divorce

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If you're going to be filing for divorce, it's time to start thinking about the process. There are a lot of details that go into a divorce and you'll need to be prepared for all of them. Here are four steps you need to take now that you're facing a divorce.

Listen to Your Attorney

When it comes to negotiating a fair divorce settlement, the most important thing you can do is listen to your attorney. Your attorney has experience in the field of divorce negotiations. They know what's going to work, and what's going to be tosses out by the judge. They also know what steps to take to keep you out of the courtroom altogether, which is what you want to do. In fact, the last thing you want is to end up in divorce court. Not only will your expenses skyrocket, but you might end up with much less than you wanted.

Talk to a Financial Adviser

If you're going through a divorce, you need to sit down with a financial adviser. Not only will you need advice on how to handle your money following the divorce, you'll also need to know what assets and debts you actually have. A financial adviser can help you identify and locate all your marital assets. They can also help you understand your tax liabilities while you're proceeding with your divorce. The transition between married and divorced can be tricky where taxes are concerned.

Create a Realistic Budget

Whether you're going to be asking for alimony, or your spouse will be, you need to create a realistic budget. If your case goes to court, the judge will be using that budget to determine alimony payments. If you're asking for alimony, a detailed budget will ensure that you're granted alimony payments that will provide the maximum benefit. If you're going to be paying alimony, a detailed budget will help you avoid paying too much each month.

Hire a Counselor

Now that you're going through a divorce, hire a counselor. You'll need someone to talk things through with. Your attorney is there for the legal issues that will arise. However, using your attorney as a sounding board could increase your legal fees, especially if you're making additional calls to their office each month. That's where a counselor comes in to the picture. Your counselor will be there to discuss all the emotional issues that arise during your divorce. They can also help you transition into single life.

Contact a divorce lawyer for more help.