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Professionals Who May Be Helpful As Experts In Your Custody Case

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In a typical custody situation, both parents will make arguments about why they should get more custody than their ex-spouse. Although parents often end up sharing custody with a 50-50 arrangement, you might be eager to get more custody of your children than your ex. While an experienced family attorney can help you to achieve this goal, you must realize that other professionals can also lend a hand. It can be worthwhile to get different professional people in the children's lives to provide testimony or offer a written statement to bolster your argument. Here are some suggestions.


It's often ideal if children of divorced parents can remain in their school upon the custody arrangement being figured out, rather than perhaps having to start attending a new school because they've moved. If your ex will be moving out of the area and is adamant that the children would be better suited with him or her, getting one or more of the children's teachers to support your side can be valuable. A teacher's testimony — perhaps indicating how one of your children has become a leader and a valuable member of the school community — can help your goal of keeping the child in the same school.


If your children have spoken to counselors, having them serve as experts in your custody case can also bolster it. While a child's counselor will want to be wary of divulging confidential information, he or she may be able to provide an argument as to why the child would be better suited with one parent over the other. For example, it's possible that the children get along with you better than with your ex. If they've discussed this topic in counseling, which is likely, the counselor may be of assistance.


Your children's pediatrician can also be a helpful expert in your custody case by listing some reasons that your children should stay with you. There are many different angles that the doctor might take. For example, if your children have issues with stress, the doctor might support the idea of them staying with you — rather than moving away with your ex — because of the stress that a move can bring.

Each of these experts is a respected member of the community, and having them all join forces with you to build your case for the custody of your children can have a positive impact. Contact a family law attorney for more help.