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Making The Divorce Process Easier

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With the number of chapels available for fast marriages to take place, some people jump into such a serious relationship shortly after meeting. The couples often end up disagreeing on numerous things and decide that they are no longer interested in being married. It is not usually that complicated to get divorced after being involved in a short marriage, but in some cases, the situation can be complicated.

For instance, if a short marriage still resulted in the birth of a child and shared property, it is likely a good idea to hire a lawyer to help with the divorce process. This article explains some of the ways that a divorce lawyer can help with getting out of a marriage that has complications.

Enforce a Prenuptial Agreement

If you and your spouse decided to enter into a prenuptial agreement before entering into marriage after only knowing each other for a short while, a lawyer can help enforce it. For instance, if your spouse was the one who had the agreement drafted up, you might not understand everything that was written in it. 

A lawyer can sit with you and thoroughly examine each thing that is in the agreement. He or she will ensure that the agreement is enforced, while also ensuring that nothing is carried out that isn't in your best interest or legal. Just because someone puts a prenuptial agreement in place, it doesn't mean that everything in it is legal.

Make a Child Custody Plan

If a child was conceived during the short marriage to your spouse, a custody plan will be necessary. You must decide which custody plan is in the best interest of the child, which can be complicated if you and your spouse don't agree on it. The child should basically live with the parent who has the most stable lifestyle, such as a home and job that doesn't require being out of town most of the town. If you and your spouse are both stable, joint custody is likely the most ideal for the child. A lawyer will assist with making a plan that works for all parties involved.

Keep the Process Fast & Cordial

No one wants to go through a long divorce process, as it can end up being pricey and stressful. A lawyer can ensure that your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible. The key to making things go smoothly is to keep things between you and your spouse cordial. Many of the things that need to be resolved in the divorce can be discussed via mediation to prevent arguments from arising that prolongs the divorce process. 

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