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After Bankruptcy: Your Next Moves

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The period before and during your bankruptcy might have been a worrisome part of your life. Once you get your discharge from bankruptcy court, moving on and having a healthy financial life is likely what you want to do. However, without these actions, that could be tough. Identify Bad Financial Behavior Whatever the root of your financial problems, being honest about that is vital for avoiding the same situation in the future. Read More»

Professionals Who May Be Helpful As Experts In Your Custody Case

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In a typical custody situation, both parents will make arguments about why they should get more custody than their ex-spouse. Although parents often end up sharing custody with a 50-50 arrangement, you might be eager to get more custody of your children than your ex. While an experienced family attorney can help you to achieve this goal, you must realize that other professionals can also lend a hand. It can be worthwhile to get different professional people in the children’s lives to provide testimony or offer a written statement to bolster your argument. Read More»

Making The Divorce Process Easier

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With the number of chapels available for fast marriages to take place, some people jump into such a serious relationship shortly after meeting. The couples often end up disagreeing on numerous things and decide that they are no longer interested in being married. It is not usually that complicated to get divorced after being involved in a short marriage, but in some cases, the situation can be complicated. For instance, if a short marriage still resulted in the birth of a child and shared property, it is likely a good idea to hire a lawyer to help with the divorce process. Read More»

Is Your Parenting Plan Too Restrictive?

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It’s no surprise how closely the family court system monitors the treatment of minor children in a divorce settlement. Divorce can have a huge impact on children and the courts have taken measures to help assure that they don’t become victims of their parent’s actions. This means tight child support enforcement, controlled visitation schedules and parenting plans that attempt to play fair with each parent.  There is one more important aspect of how the courts deal with issues involving children and divorce, and that is the way that orders and provisions related to divorce issues are never considered closed. Read More»

The Insurance/Personal Injury Connection

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When you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you may be faced with a bewildering array of options. You know you are insured, but what about the other guy? On top of that, you may be wondering if and when you should take legal action against the other party. Read for an overview of the insurance issue. Seek medical care: The other side’s insurance will be responsible for paying any and all related medical expenses, so do not neglect to see a doctor and get evaluated. Read More»

Three Circumstances That Can Trigger Retroactive Child Support

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In a typical child support determination, the noncustodial parent has to start paying the money as soon as the ruling is made. However, there are cases where the child support payments may be backdated to an earlier date. This is known as retroactive child support, and here are some of the cases that can trigger it: The Noncustodial Parent Concealed Their Finances There are many factors that determine child support payments, and one of them is the financial status of the paying parent. Read More»