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Getting Guardianship Of A Grandchild With A Lawyer's Help

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Do you want temporary guardianship of your grandchild because his or her parents are unstable? Depending on the specific situation, you might be able to get legal guardianship without the permission of your grandchild's parents. In this article, you will learn about a few of the things that a lawyer might do to help you get guardianship of your grandchild.

Determine if You Have a Chance

Although it is typical for grandparents to have rights concerning their grandchildren, there are also laws that protect the parents. You must have a good reason for wanting custody of your grandchild, such as to keep him or her safe. Your lawyer will want details as to why you are seeking temporary guardianship before he or she will accept your case. Keep in mind that you are not likely to get guardianship simply because you don't like the way your grandchild is raised, depending on your specific concerns.

Investigate the Parents

The lawyer will investigate your grandchild's parents if he or she believes that you deserve guardianship. He or she will learn information about their income, home environment and any bad addictions that they have. If your grandchild is homeschooled, the lawyer will also investigate to find out if he or she is actually being taught. The extent of the investigation will depend on what it is that you are concerned about.

Gather Evidence That Proves You Are Fit

It is important to prove that you are stable enough to take care of your grandchild. Your lawyer might ask for evidence that proves where you live, your income and the type of people that you associate with. He or she might even speak to some of your friends and family members to get statement about your overall character. Photographs of the interior and exterior of your home can be helpful as well.

Obtain Emergency Custody

Depending on the severity of the situation that your grandchild is in, your lawyer might be able to help you get emergency guardianship. Your grandchild can then be removed from his or her parent's custody via a social services agent and police escort. However, you can pick your grandchild up on your own if the parents are cooperative about the situation.  It is also possible for the lawyer to obtain an emergency restraining order after your grandchild is in your custody, such as if the parents start making threats. Speak to a lawyer about getting temporary guardianship of your grandchild as soon as you can.

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